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Thai yoga massage and therapeutic yoga can be combined as valuable tools in managing and treating back pain. A typical session will last two hours and be made up of three parts:

to identify the areas of concern and devise a treatment programme suitable for the individual. Information from your GP or other treating practitioner is taken into account, as well as your experience of pain, duration of the condition, postural assessment and any other relevant factors.

yoga therapy:
Assessment is followed by an introduction to yoga practices suitable for that point in time. Usually these are a combination of gentle stretches to release tension in the muscles of the back, gentle mobilisation exercises to improve the range of movement and encourage good blood circulation in muscles which may have become locked-down and experiencing spasms. Eventually, as the pain reduces, exercises to strengthen muscles to support the back and improve posture are introduced. Details of the yoga exercises are given so that you can practiced them regularly at home. Week by week, the yoga therapy is expanded and developed as the condition improves.

thai yoga massage:
The massage helps to relax the affected muscles and calm the whole nervous system reducing pain. It reduce spasms, mobilises the joints and improves circulation allowing the body’s natural healing processes to activate. In Thai yoga massage, as well as working on the affected area, associated areas and energy lines are worked, for example stomach massage helps relieve abdominal tension that contributes to lumbar pain, and energy lines on the legs relate to back issues. This holistic approach makes the massage a gentle treatment suitable in situations of discomfort. The massage can be carried out while you are lying on your side if lying on your back or front is uncomfortable, however you need to be mobile enough to get down to, and up from, a mat on the floor for the treatment.

book a treatment
Please call Debbie on 0779 2579 595
E-mail: debbie@debbiejoy.co.uk

North London Buddhist Centre
72 Holloway Road
Highbury Corner
Islington N7 8JG

(5 minute walk from Highbury and Islington tube/train) map

home visits
Debbie can travel to your home in Islington, Camden, Haringey, Hackney or Central
London to offer the treatment. You will need enough floor space to lie outstretched, with some clearance around you.
Debbie will bring a futon mat for you to lie on.

treatment cost
monday - friday before 5pm: £75 for 120 minutes
evenings and weekends: £85 for 120 minutes

tips for your treatment
- Wear loose and comfortable clothes like tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a t-shirt.
- Please do not eat a large meal for 1½ hours before the massage.


debbie joy – islington, london – e-mail: debbie@debbiejoy.co.uk – phone: 0779 2579 595